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(Questions frequentes)

Grâce à cette FAQ, le Calot français souhaite mettre à votre disposition une vue claire et transparente sur l’ensemble de nos produits proposés, et vous permettre ainsi de trouver réponse à vos différentes questions : un réel gain de temps !

  • Are your products "made in France"?
    Yes, all our products are handmade, 100% cotton, and made in France, in the Occitanie region.
  • Is the fabric cap as hygienic as a disposable cap?
    Yes, it has even been proven according to an American study that fabric surgical caps are more hygienic than disposable caps: The presence of particles in the air is less important with fabric caps. Do not hesitate to consult the article on this subject:
  • Can I personalize a cap?
    Yes, our productions are customizable: if you have a particular wish (a personal fabric model, or even embroidering your name or nickname, etc.), know that everything is possible! Consult our section "Personalise your cap" or let us know your wishes by email, le calot français will make every effort to achieve them.
  • Is the cap suitable for women and men?
    Yes, the cap is available for both women and men, the size of the French caps is adaptable and thus makes it possible to satisfy all of our customers for short and long hair.
  • Can we pay for the order with Paypal?
    Unfortunately, the shop currently only accepts payment by credit card. But we are working to soon offer you the possibility to pay with Paypal.
  • I did not receive a confirmation email. Is this normal?
    No, that's not normal. When you place an order on our online store, you should receive a confirmation email within minutes. If this is not the case, contact our customer service (by email using the contact page of the site): we will see what went wrong and solve the problem. A word of advice: remember to check the “spam” section in your mailbox…
  • What are the delivery rates?
    The delivery price is indicated on your invoice when you validate the contents of your basket. It is calculated based on the estimated weight of the package and the place of delivery.
  • What are the creation and delivery times?
    The creation and delivery times are between 3 and 10 days. The creation of a handmade product sometimes requires a slightly longer time than a product created on the chain and abroad... Le calot français makes this choice of creation a value of trust and a guarantee of satisfaction for its customers.
  • Do you offer discounts on delivery charges?
    Yes, we offer free shipping for orders over €70.
  • My package has not arrived. What should I do ?
    If your package has not reached you within 20 days of ordering, contact our customer service without delay, by email using the contact page of the site.
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