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Le Calot Français is an online store specializing in the sale and manual production of MADE IN FRANCE caps!

It is by bringing together two passions, sewing and working as a nurse in the operating room, that the brand Le Calot Français was born.

Creator of the brand, Aurélie has always been keen to bring a touch of color, style, sometimes audacity and current trends, within an operating room to break the codes and allow patients to understand less entering an operating room. ​

In addition to the comfort that is inevitable for the wearer of a French cap, it has been proven that fabric operating theater caps are more hygienic than disposable caps: The presence of particles in the air is less significant with fabric caps. fabrics.



Caps intelligently designed to be free to move. From the quality of the fabrics to the finish of the product, each step is rigorously controlled to allow the Calots Français to withstand the daily life of an operating theatre.

Today, Le Calot Français works in an approach of original creations and voluntarily in limited quantities to allow you to wear rare and customizable caps.

With its know-how, Le Calot Français makes every effort to guarantee you a neat service for each delivery.

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